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TB12 Foundation graduates two classes of student athletes in Malden and Brockton with surprise virtual appearance by Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero

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  FOXBORO, MA, June 7, 2022 – The TB12 Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the health, well-being and athletic potential of underserved athletes, graduated two classes of student-athletes in its TB12 Training Program in partnership with the Brockton and Malden High Schools. Students in both cities were surprised with a special drop-in virtual chat featuring TB12 Cofounders Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero.

  Tom joined the TB12 Foundation’s virtual meet & greet with a group of juniors and seniors from both the Malden and Brockton High Schools and congratulated them on their completion of the TB12 Program. “On behalf of the TB12 Foundation, we are extremely proud of all your hard work and the commitment you’ve made to yourselves,” said Tom Brady. “You have put in the work every week with our amazing body coaches, and we hope you’ll continue to practice what you’ve learned, stay disciplined and accountable and continue to make the best decisions for your training as you move forward in life.”

  During the 2020-2021 school year, the TB12 Foundation partnered with Brockton Public Schools to establish a TB12 Training Program for 17 aspiring high school athletes. Recognizing the continuing need to support young and underserved athletic talent, the TB12 Foundation expanded its programming this academic year and partnered with both the Brockton and Malden High Schools to train a total of 24 students. In addition to the students receiving a full TB12 training experience, the Brockton and Malden High School coaches received an in-school training session from TB12 body coaches and a donation of TB12 equipment. At Brockton High School, Body Coach Nick Zinani visited three times a week during the winter and spring seasons for a strength and conditioning program with other students from various sports teams.

  “In 2020 we sought new ways to lift up the youth in our local communities by doing what we do best – engaging our expert body coaches to empower student athletes and help them reach their performance goals,” noted TB12 Foundation Executive Director Lisa Borges. “Our first cohort of Brockton athletes was exceptional; their drive and motivation inspired us all and this year’s graduates are equally as impressive and dedicated to pursuing excellence both on and off the field.”

  The student athletes represent a wide array of sports and have been selected by their athletic directors to participate because of their leadership and commitment to academics. Each student participated in nine professional training sessions at TB12 and received one-on-one mentoring from a TB12 Coach throughout the school year. Each session ends with a student favorite – Tom Brady’s favorite protein or berry smoothie.

  At last night’s final session, students in both locations competed in an obstacle course created by the body coaches, who also participated. Both groups finished the night with a catered dinner and watched a video highlighting their accomplishments and shared the impact TB12 has had on their lives over the past 10 months before the surprise virtual visit from Tom and Alex.

  One of this year’s graduating students said, “I changed for the better as both an athlete and as a person to understand the work and care I must do to perform at my best all the time. It has helped me understand health and wellness from a different perspective by being a part of TB12.”

  TB12 has not only improved the students’ athletic abilities but has created adept leaders who will use what they have learned to educate their families and peers. The TB12 Foundation expects to expand this program in other cities as additional TB12 Centers open across the country.


About the TB12 Foundation

  Founded in 2015 by seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, the TB12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the health, well-being and athletic potential of underserved athletes by providing free access to health and wellness resources that support preparation, performance and recovery – empowering people who are at risk due to economic or health-related obstacles to reach their performance and life goals. Through the Foundation’s services, they aim to educate and help athletes improve longevity, prevent injury and stay on the field, court, track or course doing what they love, better and for longer.

  The TB12 Foundation accepts scholarship applications from student athletes, tactical athletes and individuals who have experienced a tragic event who are seeking financial support for high-quality post-injury recovery. To date, the Foundation has donated more than $1.8M to athletes and organizations in need of support. For more information about the TB12 Foundation, please visit www.tb12foundation.com.

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