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What Malden Means to Me

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  For over 50 years, I’ve been proud to call Malden home. The memories I have growing up as a child in Malden are forever etched in my memory. Attending Malden Public Schools as a young man helped make me who I am today. While I may not always have been the best student, and while it may not have seemed it at the time, my teachers formed my belief in respecting each other and the views we all bring to the table. I met my wife Tina, also a lifelong Malden resident, through my connections to Malden. Grabbing a movie at the Granada Theater, bowling at the Granada Lanes, or grabbing a sub at Glorias was all part of the fabric of Malden.

  Tina and I never had any doubt that we would educate my son and our two girls through the Malden Public School System. I truly feel bad for those who are not able to experience what my children have experienced with the diversity and community spirit at Malden High School. Playing sports with friends of different backgrounds, who speak different languages, sometimes playing a new sport for the first time. It’s Malden at its best. We live a very happy, middle-class existence in our two-family home on Tremont Street, like so many great Maldonians have been raised.

  When I boil it down, Malden has always been a community that has stood for certain core beliefs that make us the community we are. The belief that we can disagree without being disagreeable; the belief that we can have differing views without being disrespectful; the belief that we can solve problems by talking with each other, not to each other. The belief that if I have an issue with you, I should discuss it with YOU. The belief that we can welcome new members to our community while respecting those who have contributed to our glorious past.

  As this campaign comes to a close, I want to thank those who have welcomed me to their door, have listened, and have provided great feedback. I want to reaffirm my commitment to the above principles so that you can be proud of the government that represents you. I want my kids to turn on the TV to a Council meeting and be proud of their local government. Malden has given so much to me and my family, I hope for your support so I can give back by restoring respect and dignity to the Ward 4 seat.

  That being said, I respectfully ask you for your vote on Tuesday, November 2. Thank you.

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