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Malden Softball Week 4 Game Recaps

Hector Jr. Vega delivers a pitch for Criollos-2
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Tuesday, May 30


  Angels vs Patrick’s: St. Peter’s Angels defeated Patrick’s, 18-0, on Tuesday, as Joe Schaff and Scott Brady combined to throw a shutout. Robert Giarratani led St. Peter’s Angels to victory by driving in 6 runs. Giarratani went 3 for 3 at the plate. Joe Schaff went 4 innings, allowing zero runs on 2 hits and walking 1. Brady drew a fly out from Gino Lanciani to finish off the game. Brett Batting was the pitcher for Patrick’s.

  P-Cals Pals vs Malden Bombers: Gerard Contaldi would not be denied at the plate on Tuesday, picking up 4 hits and Leading P-Cals Pals to a 17-1 victory over the Malden Bombers. Contaldi singled in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5thinnings. Mike Garland was the pitcher for P-Cals surrendering 1 run on 5 hits over 5 innings, while striking out 2 and walking 1.

  Criollos vs Dirtbags: Criollos stepped back into the Winners Circle with a 30-hit offense surge on the way to a 24-14 win over the Dirtbags. The Dirtbags started out strong offensively led by Shaun Carlson in the 1st inning with a triple and 3 RBIs. Criollos took the lead for good with 10 runs in the 4th inning. Hector Vega was in the pitcher’s circle for Criollos. Vega lasted 7 innings, allowing 21 hits and 14 runs while striking out 3. Al Tamagna was on the rubber for Dirtbags. Tamagna had 2 strikeouts and didn’t allow any walks.

  White Sox vs Sachems: The White Sox held off the Sachems for a 10-9 victory on Tuesday. The Sachems scored 6 runs in the failed comeback on a home run by Dante in the 6th inning, a home run by Mike Dean in the 7th and a double by Steve Almquist in the 7th. DJ Webster went 3-for-4 at the plate to lead the Sachems in hits. An early lead helped propel the White Sox to victory. The White Sox scored on a single by Daniel Guilamo, a single by Berto Gonazalez and a triple by Sigfredo Velez in the 2nd inning. Also, Isaac Iraola launched a crucial solo homer in the 3rdinning to contribute to the victory.

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P-Cals Pals                 5-0

St. Peter’s Angels       5-1

Sachems                     3-2

Malden Bombers        3-2

Criollos                        2-3

White Sox                   2-4

Dirtbags                      1-4

Patrick’s                      0-5

Batting Leaders (End of Week 4)


Batting Average

1 Gerard Contaldi (P-Cals Pals)                     0.800

2 Sam McDonald (Malden Bombers)             0.778

3 Reed Williamson (Malden Bombers)          0.750

4 Robert Giarratani (St. Peter’s Angels)        0.733

5 Danny Trentsch (P-Cals Pals)                     0.714

Quality At Bats

1 Geoff Harris (St. Peter’s Angels)                 17

2 Dana Zewiey Sr. (Malden Bombers)           16

3 Jonathan Zewiey (Malden Bombers)          14

3 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)                           14

3 Reed Williamson (Malden Bombers)          14

Runs Batted In

1 Jesse Bruinsma (St. Peter’s Angels)          15

1 Cody Skeffington (P-Cals Pals)                   15

3 Danny Settapani (P-Cals Pals)                   14

4 Erik Scola (St. Peter’s Angels)                    11

5 Sam McDonald (Malden Bombers)             10


1 Gerard Contaldi (P-Cals Pals)         16

2 Jose Ortiz (White Sox)                    13

2 Geoff Harris (St. Peter’s Angels)     13

4 Danny Settapani (P-Cals Pals)       12

4 Mike James (St. Peter’s Angels)     12

On Base Percentage

1 Gerard Contaldi (Malden Bombers)            0.810

2 Danny Trentsch (P-Cals Pals)                     0.750

2 Robert Giarratani (St. Peter’s Angels)        0.750

2 Sam McDonald (Malden Bombers)             0.750

2 Edward Skeffington Jr. (P-Cals Pals)          0.750



1 Gerard Contaldi (P-Cals Pals)                     4

1 Geoff Harris (St. Peter’s Angels)                 4

3 Danny Settapani (P-Cals Pals)                   3

3 Dana Zewiey Sr. (Malden Bombers)           3

3 Joe Cuneen (Malden Bombers)                  3

Home Runs

1 Danny Trentsch (P-Cals Pals)         3

1 Cody Skeffington (P-Cals Pals)       3

3 Danny Settapani (P-Cals Pals)       2

3 Kevin Batting (Patrick’s)                  2

3 Mike Dean (Sachems)                     2


Pitching Leaders (End of Week 4)

Earned Run Average

1 Mike Garland (P-Cals Pals)             2.80

2 Matt Fraser (Sachems)                    3.00

3 Joe Schaff (St. Peter’s Angels)       4.67

4 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)               7.00

5 Scott Brady (St. Peter’s Angels)      7.50



1 Joe Schaff (St. Peter’s Angels)       4

2 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)               3

3 Mike Garland (P-Cals Pals)             2

3 Keith Zewiey (Malden Bombers)     2

3 Steve Almquist (Sachems)              2


1 Mike Garland (P-Cals Pals)             9

2 Hector Jr. Vega (Criollos)                6

3 Keith Zewiey (Malden Bombers)     5

3 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)               5

5 Scott Brady (St. Peter’s Angels)      2


Walks Hits Innings Pitched

1 Matt Fraser (Sachems)                    0.86

2 Mike Garland (P-Cals Pals)             1.80

3 Joe Schaff (St. Peter’s Angels)       1.81

4 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)               2.11

5 Scott Brady (St. Peter’s Angels)      2.14

Batting Average Against

1 Matt Fraser (Sachems)                    0.222

2 Joe Schaff (St. Peter’s Angels)       0.319

3 Mike Garland (P-Cals Pals)             0.333

4 Ian Comack (P-Cals Pals)               0.396

5 Scott Brady (St. Peter’s Angels)      0.400


Fielding Leaders (End of Week 4)

Fielding Percentage

1 Casey Flynn (Sachems)                  1.000

1 Scott Brady (St. Peter’s Angels)      1.000

1 Brian Batting (Patrick’s)                   1.000

1 Danny Trentsch (P-Cals Pals)         1.000

1 Danny Settapani (P-Cals Pals)       1.000



1 Jonathan Zewiey (Malden Bombers)          23

2 Matt Fraser (Sachems)                                19

2 Tommy Santos (Dirtbags)                            17

3 Tim Sliwinski (Sachems)                             16

3 Robert Giarratani (St. Peter’s Angels)        15

Tim Vega playing First Base-2

Ruben Rivera playing Second Base-2

Hector Jr. Vega delivers a pitch for Criollos-2

Al Tamagna delivering a pitch for Dirtbags-2

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