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Alcy’s deposition reveals Resnek’s desperate drive to destroy and defame DeMaria; claims of harassment debunked, credibility shot

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Carlo DeMaria, Jr. vs. Everett Leader Herald, Sergio Cornelio, Joshua Resnek, Matthew Philbin and Andrew Philbin, Sr.

(Editor’s Note: This story was published in the Everett Advocate on Oct. 7, 2022)

  Guerline Alcy, former City of Everett employee and two-time failed political office seeker, finally appeared before the mayor’s Attorney, Jeffrey Robbins, to answer for claims alleging that she was sexually harassed by Mayor Carlo DeMaria in a story published by corrupt publisher/reporter Joshua Resnek in the Everett Leader Herald. It was clear from the start of her deposition on Sept. 30 that Alcy would offer little truthful testimony – failing to produce documents, including communications between herself and Resnek.

  Alcy resigned from her position in the city’s Constituent Services/311 department after being removed from her secretarial position in the Mayor’s Office following, in her nine years of employment with the city, repeated reprimands for insubordination and bizarre behavior to her supervisor and residents.

  In one example of her odd behavior during the deposition, Alcy stated that she was upset when she was dismissed from her job in the Mayor’s Office, away from the person that – she claims in an August 2022 Leader Heraldnewspaper article – sexually harassed her. When asked to name dates of when the principal incidents of harassment occurred, Alcy couldn’t even recall the year. When she was asked if she ever sent any communications to anyone about the alleged harassment, she stated she did not.

  “Do you have any text, ma’am, that you ever sent to anybody asserting that Mr. DeMaria harassed you in any way? Yes or no?” asked Robbins. “Text? Not that I can remember,” replied Alcy.

  “Do you have any e-mail of any kind that you ever sent to anybody asserting that Carlo DeMaria ever harassed you?” asked Robbins. “Not an e-mail,” she replied.

  “Do you have any writing of any kind that you submitted to anybody asserting that Carlo DeMaria harassed you? continued the attorney. “Yes,” she replied, stating that it was the Leader Herald article written by Resnek.

  Alcy stated that she only spoke to people about the incidents but never wrote anything, or communicated in writing to anyone, including the city’s Human Resources Department or the City Solicitor’s Office, in all of her nine years employed by the city.

  She claimed to have spoken about the incidents to Dr. Omar Easy, who had previously worked for the City of Everett, but she couldn’t remember the exact year. “Can you give us to the nearest two or three years when you claim you said something to Dr. Easy?” asked Robbins. “More than – more than two years – more than two, three years,” replied Alcy.

  “More than two, three years what? asked the attorney. “What you just asked – more than two years that I spoke to him,” she replied.

  When asked for an estimate as to when she spoke to Easy about her claims, she replied, the year 2000. When she was asked again when she spoke to Easy, she admitted somewhere between 2018 and 2020.

  Alcy also claimed to have spoken to her family, including her husband, about the alleged harassment, but couldn’t recall a date, a year or even a decade of when she spoke about the alleged incidents.

  Throughout her testimony, Alcy continued to evade questioning by claiming to not understand the questioning or not offering any clear answers to the attorney’s questions. When asked about her claim of the mayor exposing himself to her, she again stated that she couldn’t even remember the year.

  With respect to her response to the subpoena to provide all documents and communications with Resnek relating to DeMaria, she only provided a draft document of the article written by Resnek about her allegations.

  She was confronted with an August 16, 2021, email in which Resnek suggests to her to say that she was shut out of any advancement because it was “all about being a woman, and a Black woman in a city hall run by a racist,misogynist mayor.”

  “If you can’t or won’t say this for the record – I will because it is the truth,” demands Resnek in the email. Resnek then asks her to get some quotes from her cousin, Councillor Gerly Adrian, because, according to Resnek, “who knows better that her about the mayor’s racism…and others on the city council.”

  Alcy would then email Resnek to suggest writing in his story that she (Alcy) “might have other reasons she is not ready to reveal yet as to why she was passed over for several promotions since Carlo does not like when people say no to him.”

“Leave it to me, buddy”

  The next emails between the two would speak volumes to their plan; she states: “Make him s@#t in his pants by pointing out how will the Haitian voters feel to see how the mayor have been treating one of the one [sic] that have been serving the community for many, many years,” emails Alcy.

  To which Resnek replies, “Leave it to me, buddy.”

  The pressure by Resnek reflects a hideous example of what he said to City Clerk Sergio Cornelio for his false articles claiming the mayor extorted him on a land deal saying that he was going to write the article with or without his help, but in Alcy’s case, it was clear she was using Resnek’s formula for writing lies and fabrications to help what she hoped would be the start of her political career. Following Alcy’s resignation from her City of Everett job, she stated in her sworn testimony, she sought out Resnek to write an article about her candidacy for an at-large city council seat. Resnek soon published a story about her resignation, claiming in the headline that she resigned due to a toxic work environment and being passed over for advancement.

  Alcy had applied for various positions at the City of Everett, including, in 2019, Economic Development Planner; Human Resources Associate Director, and in 2017, Assistant City Clerk, despite having little pertinent experience or educational background. The irony of her feigning ignorance to the law in providing communications to the mayor’s attorneys is that Alcy, according to her resume, holds an associate’s degree in legal studies from North Shore Community College – studying filing litigation – and had spent a year working at a Boston law firm filing litigation.

  She claimed in the newspaper article that the positions were given to “less qualified candidates” and she was passed over for “no apparent reason.” She also stated in the story that she applied for a job at Encore Boston Harbor – only to claim that she wasn’t hired due to the mayor retaliating against her. Alcy claimed that she had no knowledge of any reprimands from city department heads, including Human Resources, for insubordination and intentionally failing to comply with procedures set forth by the department, according to a March 2018 written reprimand from Chad Luongo, director of Constituent Services/311.

  But one has to wonder the magnitude of her sense of entitlement given her downward spiral as an employee for the City of Everett when Alcy was reprimanded for her actions when she was found assisting residents inside the Constituent Services Office instead of at the counter or on the phone. The letter stated that Alcy replied with a heated response to her boss.

  When Constituent Services employees were asked to log in phone calls from residents during a power outage following a snowstorm, employees were asked to call back residents to ask if their power had been restored. It was discovered that Alcy failed to write down the concerned residents’ phone numbers who had called in to Constituent Services. According to the letter, Alcy told her boss that calling them back was not necessary as “they know their lights are back on.” When asked why she failed to follow directions, the letter stated, Alcy became distracted by Facebook and began talking to another employee, ignoring her supervisor. Alcy claimed she never saw the reprimand letter that was addressed to her home and was never informed of the disciplinary actions facing her.

  “I never requested to be in 311,” Alcy stated in her testimony.

  Another complaint, this time by Assistant Collector Rocco Pesce to Luongo, stated that on May 1 Alcy transferred a call from her 311 desk to Pesce while he was in the middle of an important phone call. When he asked Alcy to take the information down, she “insubordinately” stated to him in a raised voice, “I work for the Mayor’s office only!” in front of a staff member.

  When confronted with her rude behavior, Alcy stated to Pesce, “What’s the big deal, you don’t do anything anyway.” Pesce stated that she demanded an apology from him but he refused.

  In July, Alcy asked for a position on the board of the Everett Community Foundation but was told that the seven spots were filled and that the State Ethics Commission advised against appointing City of Everett employees as it could cause conflict of interest issues, so no City of Everett employees were appointed.

  By Sept. 18, Alcy would receive a communication from the city’s director of Human Resources, Lara Wehbe Ammouri, Esq. with respect to a meeting with the director and Alcy’s disregard for her job (logging in residents’ calls) as well as her request to be moved out of Constituent Services. The director, in her letter to Alcy, expresses her disappointment about a bizarre text she received where Alcy stated, “I logged into QAlert the 2 hours I had to sit in your office telling me I’m not a good employee.”

  The lawyer stated in several questions, “And then she says – then the head of human resources says to you in this e-mail, ‘I would also like to reiterate that you are being insubordinate by refusing to log all calls into QAlert’; right? …. Your direct supervisor has put you on notice of this requirement several times and you admitted [Simultaneous talking].

  “I am more than happy to work with you on finding a better fit or expanding your skill set,” stated Ammouri. “However, it is crucial that you are performing all of your job duties and tasks assigned by your supervisor and that you act in a professional manner when addressing your coworkers.”

  “The manner in which you left my office and the text message that you sent after were very unprofessional and not appreciated as I met with you, unscheduled, and as a result was 20 minutes late for a scheduled meeting with the Chief of Staff,” concluded Ammouri.

  Alcy’s bizarre behavior would be called into question again over a Facebook post she made where she would berate someone who posted a mild criticism of her city councillor cousin, Gerly Adrian, when she replied, “What’s the matter your coke supplier didn’t deliver this weekend, because you sound like your finning for it. I’m not playing, I will sue you to the moon and back with a huge smile on my face for harassment.”

  She was, once again, reprimanded by HR and her supervisor, and the social media incident was brought before the City Solicitor’s Office as well as the mayor.

  Alcy will continue her deposition once she hands over all communications that she failed to provide.

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