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Boston Globe Reporter who partnered with Leader Herald Publisher Resnek Fired

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Andrea Estes, author of numerous articles attacking Mayor Carlo DeMaria, dropped by longtime employer amidst controversy

(Editor’s Note: This story was published in the May 5, 2013 edition  of the Everett Advocate.)

  According to the online media website Media Nation, Boston Globe reporter Andrea Estes, who wrote articles that were published in the Boston Globe in 2021 about Mayor Carlo DeMaria which falsely claimed corruption and extortion on the basis of information provided by corrupt Leader Herald newspaper publisher and personal friend Joshua Resnek, has been fired by the Boston Globe.

  According to Media Nation on May 4, Estes’ name has disappeared from the Boston Globe’s online directory, but her official listing in the Globe bio is described as a “former reporter,” stating: “Estes was an investigative reporter specializing in government accountability.”

  The partnership between the two reporters came to light during deposition testimony given by Resnek in the ongoing defamation lawsuit filed by Mayor DeMaria against the Everett Leader Herald, Resnek, owners Matthew Philbin and Andrew Philbin, Sr., and Sergio Cornelio, in which Resnek, in a series of emails and texts, pushes Estes to write accusatory stories about DeMaria in the Globe. The stories, which were based on purported “information” about a real estate acquisition by the mayor and Cornelio, were intended by Resnek to severely damage the mayor’s reputation and hurt his re-election chances in the Fall of 2021.

  The emails and text between Resnek and Estes reflected the two reporters’ plan to take advantage of what they believed to be Cornelio’s emotional vulnerabilities and psychiatric problems in order to pressure Cornelio into giving an interview that they hoped would damage DeMaria.

  The controversial relationship between Resnek and Estes, which included the two discussing how they wanted to harm the mayor and planning on ways they could do so, was referenced in Boston Magazine’s recent profile on Resnek’s corruption, entitled, “Bomb Shell”. In it, writer Gretchen Voss highlighted Resnek’s sworn admissions that he had completely fabricated numerous accusations about the mayor, invented purported quotes from “sources” that never actually said the things attributed to them, manufactured phony “notes” of interviews that never took place and lied under oath.

  According to statements Resnek made under oath which he later stated were false, Estes was a “confidential source” of Resnek’s in respect to the land acquisition by DeMaria and Cornelio.

  For her part, Estes appears from the emails and texts that she sent to Resnek to be relying on Resnek for her articles even though Resnek has been shown as the Boston Magazine article put it, to be a “fabulist.”

  Estes would write a 2021 article regarding the mayor being interviewed by the FBI over Cornelio’s allegations that DeMaria pressured him for $96,000 over their legitimate real estate deal, to which the Globe gave great prominence.

  However, there’s no evidence that there’s been any investigation by the FBI into that land deal and it does not appear that the interview, if it ever took place, has gone anywhere.

  Resnek would later admit in his sworn testimony that he fabricated quotes from Cornelio pertaining to the land deal and also facilitated a meeting between Cornelio’s mother, who was running for political office, and Estes in order to push her and Cornelio into offering up information about the mayor’s “extortion” which later proved to be false.

  Estes’ story would be published in the Boston Globe in November 2021– all part of Philbin’s and Resnek’s plan to take down the mayor by any means necessary.

  Resnek has boasted in numerous emails to Philbin and to his friends about his close relationship with Estes and has taken credit in his emails for getting the Boston Globe to publish the stories that he fed Estes.

  In the many articles and editorials published by the Leader Herald from 2017 through 2021, Resnek admitted in his sworn testimony that he knew Estes from working with her at various newspapers, including the Globe, and sought her out to help in his mission to ruin DeMaria.

  The Globe has also published stories about the mayor, including a 2022 article by reporter Stephanie Ebbert, about the outgoing supt. of school finding surveillance cameras in her office, which have proven to be placed there years before her taking the position and had been disconnected long ago. There has been no evidence presented that the mayor had anything to do with the cameras or anything about them.

  The Everett School Board recently voted not to renew the superintendent’s contract.

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