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City Council unites in support of Israel; condemns Hamas atrocities

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By Barbara Taormina


REVERE – The City Council stretched far beyond the city borders this week and approved a resolution presented by Ward 2 City Councillor Ira Novoselsky and Ward 6 City Councillor Richard Serino that affirmed Revere’s support that the state of Israel has the right to exist and defend itself from the brutal terrorist attacks, such as the recent attack by Hamas.

Novoselsky gave a brief but emotional account of the attack, calling it another Holocaust. “Our hearts are with everyone who was lost,” said Novoselsky. “It’s not any group’s fault other than Hamas.”

Novoselsky said he has a memorial light in his home for everyone who was killed. He asked that the Israeli flag be flown at City Hall in a show of support. “Everything is totally scary, even for us. We don’t know who is going to come through that door and do it to us,” he added.

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto said that percentage-wise the Hamas attack was worse than our 9/11. “It’s horrific what they did to babies, women and children – completely inhumane,” said Zambuto. “And I am disgusted with academia saying Hamas is equivalent to Israel.”

Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo offered prayers and condolences for any residents who had family members impacted by the attack.

“Councillor Novoselsky, I commend you for making it clear this wasn’t an Israeli/Palestinian issue. It was Hamas who was responsible and Hamas who must pay for it,” said Councillor-at-Large Marc Silvestri.

Novoselsky also had some sharp criticism for School Superintendent Dianne Kelly, who made national news as one of a group of school superintendents who provided educators with a list of online learning sources to use while discussing the attack with students. It was found that a website called Learning for Justice, a program from the Southern Poverty Law Center, was among the material. Novoselsky said that is an anti-Semitic site that accused Israel of terrorism worse than that of the Palestinians, which we know is incorrect.

“The superintendent babbled some words trying to get us to understand what she did, which is kinda fine, but you would think once she knew this was an anti-Semitic site and Revere was part of it, there would be a public apology. I’m totally disappointed and devastated that Revere didn’t take a stand and say an apology is due. She already said she wouldn’t apologize, which is disgusting,” said Novoselsky, adding that he had heard from people all over the country wanting to know what was going on in Revere.

“I think the superintendent should step up and be a real person and have a little sympathy for the lives lost on both sides,” said Novoselsky.

After the City Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution, Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito proposed that the city light up the Markey Memorial Bridge with blue and white lights is a show of support for Israel. The City Council agreed.

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