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Human Rights Commissions are the “in” thing at the moment

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  Seems like every municipality in the Commonwealth has found a need to create entities referred to as “human rights” or “inclusionary” commissions. How did we ever do without them all these years? Most of the time, these committees or commissions seemingly search to find something bad, racist or mean to bemoan within their communities. I guess in a “woke” society, we must identify everything possible that divides us and then divide us even more.

  Is anyone surprised when Revere’s Human Rights Commission had to gavel its meeting to an end because the heat got too hot? Why is it that when conservatives oppose a position being discussed, they are instantly called “far-right” and the meeting identified as “tumultuous.”

  Too bad we have so little patience for civil discourse. No one seems to want to hear anything opposing their own narratives. Any countering opinion and down goes the gavel, bang! I am an opponent of critical race theory and creating, not an open society, but a society divided by the oppressed and the oppressors. Instant Division is the New America.

  I can see why many Revere folks might be upset to see a “Black Lives Matter” banner as you enter Revere High School. Every single Revere High School student has a right to be respected and valued for who they are. I would rather see a banner at the high school whose message is unifying such as “All Revere High School Students Matter.”

  In many ways, the discussions that have come from commission members themselves often are nothing more than political talking points with a touch of blue smoke and mirrors. The Revere of today is not the Revere of yesterday. It has become a melting pot of many cultures from all over the world. Many people have come to understand the diversity in Revere today. Folks move to Revere because it is a great community to live in. It is a good place to be from. We need to be less preoccupied with race and more occupied in living together and understanding how much more human beings have in common with each other.

  I am not calling for abolishing this Commission but getting it back on point. Also, we need to be more open to actually hearing each other before ruling meetings out of order. There is a place for listening to each other and a place to advocate for your beliefs, too. We need to find such balance again. Civil Discourse Matters, too.

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