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Important Information That Helps Voters Choose The Better Candidate

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  Well, I have never lived in the City of Revere; I have had family members living in this city since I was 7 years old. As a child, I also spent much of my summers down at Revere Beach when it was the best amusement park in the world to local kids back in the 50s and 60s before everything came crashing down and disappeared into the dustbin of history.

  There has always been a positive sameness between East Boston and Revere. How often growing up I heard Italian Americans, my relatives included, moving to the “country” or “suburbs” in Beachmont – one mere stop on the Blue Line from each other. We were all the same Italian Americans whether Revere, East Boston or even the North End.

  My State Senate seat has been vacant since former State Senator Joe Boncore resigned from the seat and now on December 14 there will be a special primary election to pick his successor. The general election is scheduled in January.

  Today, we have young Anthony D’Ambrosio running for the seat out of Revere, and we have District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards from East Boston also in this race.

  If these were normal times, East Boston voters most likely would be voting for the East Boston candidate and Revere voters for the Revere candidate. However, these are not normal times as we all know from this pandemic. I decided to support Anthony D’Ambrosio because I thought it was a time for a new face and a fresh outlook on public service. To be honest, I also was very upset that Edwards decided to oppose Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day.

  I have no problem with giving Native Americans a holiday but not Columbus Day. Edwards has expressed in print that she opposes Columbus and therefore his holiday, and appears to tell Italian Americans we need to pick a better role model or hero to honor. I get to decide who my heroes are and not some woke politician.

  However, the information found in The Revere Advocate front page story on Edwards and her real estate history is something voters need to know before carefully choosing which candidate to serve as their voice up on Beacon Hill. If the facts in this news story are verifiable, the facts seem damning. I await Edwards’ response to this Revere Advocateblockbuster of a story.

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