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Letter to the Editor: Revere is not getting the support and respect it deserves

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Dear Editor,

Revere is a city that has many strengths, but also many problems. Revere is the gateway to Boston and the North Shore, with easy access to various transportation options. Revere has Rte 1, Rte 145, Revere Beach Pkwy, Rte 1A, three MBTA stations, plenty of bus routes, and soon a commuter rail station. Revere is close to Logan Airport, the harbor tunnels, the Tobin Bridge, and downtown Boston. Revere is also home to America’s first public beach. What a great place to live and work!

However, as a lifelong resident of Revere, I have also witnessed the challenges that come with being such a well-connected city. One of them is the high cost of car insurance. We were told that it is based on the number of traffic accidents and claims in the city, which are high because of the many commuters passing through Revere. This leads to another problem: traffic congestion. I do not think that the new apartments in Revere are the main cause of this issue. I think it is because of the highway projects that were never completed. These projects were funded based on traffic studies that predicted an increase in traffic volume, but then they were cut from the budgets without much explanation.

This brings me to my main point: Revere is not getting the support and respect it deserves from the state and federal governments. Mass Dot, MBTA, DCR, all benefit from their interests within Revere, but they fail to manage or support them in a proactive manner. For example, what if Rte 1 was straightened and widened at the Lynn St curve? How much better would traffic flow then?

What if the I-95 Connector was completed in the 70’s?

What if Bell / Mahoney Circle was improved or eliminated?

What if RTE 1A was improved?

On a local level, How about our city streets being designated “LOCAL ACCESS ONLY” during rush hours? With some dedicated Enforcement, it would get the attention of Ma DOT when their state roads are clogged to the max.

Now, Let’s move on…

Everyone knows that an MBTA Police Dept exists. Does anyone ever see them?

Maybe, with the amount of traffic and foot traffic brought by the 3 Blue Line stations, Multiple Bus Lines and Parking facilities, the MBTA Police should have Multiple Units dedicated to Revere. Maybe a Sub Station?


How’s your Water Bill?

Why is it that every other utility is responsible for their methods of delivery (Electric, Gas, Cable) but the MWRA isn’t?

And CDM Smith? How they doin’? Didn’t they lose some lawsuits in the recent past? Any photos of the hole in the pipe that drained McMackin Field?

And Finally…….

Revere Beach: A Neglected Treasure

Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in the United States. It has been a source of pride and joy for generations of Revere residents and visitors. However, in recent years, it has also been a victim of neglect, deterioration and lascivious and criminal behaviors. The pavilions are dirty and peeling, the trash cans are overflowing, and the security is inadequate. This is unacceptable for a beach and the citizens that deserve respect, safety and care.

I am not blaming the current DCR Commissioner for this situation, but I am urging him to take action. Revere Beach needs a permanent and consistent maintenance program that includes perpetual power washing and painting of the pavilions, multiple daily trash pickups, and constant and consistent patrols by Rangers and State Police. The DCR MUST increase the number of Rangers and State Police assigned to Revere Beach, especially during peak seasons and not just during events.

I am calling on our Revere Elected Officials to stand up for our community and our beach. For too long, Revere has been ignored and overlooked by the State and Federal Governments. Many projects and ideas that could have improved our city in many ways have been stalled or abandoned, without any consequences for those who failed to deliver. This has to change. Revere deserves more attention and investment from the State and Federal Governments. Our Elected Officials have to fight for our interests and demand more resources and support for our City.




Matt Cogliandro

Revere Resident

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