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Local Republicans still backing Trump, not Haley

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By Barbara Taormina


Revere Republicans – yes there are some – seemed optimistic after the recent votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Residents active in local GOP politics support Donald Trump as the candidate to top the Republican ticket in November.

Louis Siriani had a large Trump sign in his yard on the corner of Cushman Avenue. But it was cardboard and eventually wore away. But Siriani has a new Trump sign wrapped up in his living room, waiting for the fall. “I’m pleased Trump is right on top,” said Siriani, who described himself as a military guy and a true-blue patriot.

Councillor-at-Large Tony Zambuto was also pleased with the New Hampshire primary results. “Obviously, I’m a Trumper,” said Zambuto. “He was a great president. We had prosperity and world peace; nobody would mess with him.”

Republicans agree the biggest issues in the upcoming election are immigration and the economy. “Those are the two most important issues for voters,” said Zambuto. “I see a landslide.”

Zambuto said he’s more of a fiscal conservative than a Republican party player, and Revere Republicans seem independent and not swayed by party politics.

Siriani said he would support former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley should she manage to steal the nomination from Trump. Siriani said he would support whomever the Republicans nominate.

Geraldine Rubio Pace, who is also active in local GOP politics, also said she would support the final nominee.

But not everyone is willing to back Haley. “She’s a RINO [Republican In Name Only], a globalist, she’s part of the old-boy network,” said Zambuto. “I could never support Nikki, she’s everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party.”

Frances Trulli also questions Haley’s abilities and priorities. “Nikki Haley is not a friend of seniors,” said Trulli, adding that Haley proposed increasing the age seniors become eligible to collect social security.

Trulli and Zambuto do not even want to consider Haley should Trump’s legal problems tank his candidacy.

And those many court cases and charges Trump is fighting have done nothing to diminish the support he enjoys from local Republicans. Trulli has been keeping up with Trump’s legal troubles. She said every morning she goes outside to grab her newspaper and then she and her dog sit down and have a good laugh.

Rubio Pace also feels Trump has been unfairly attacked by political opponents. “They’ve thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink,” she said.

But she feels the mood of voters is shifting and people are actually more Republican than they think they are. And she believes it’s due to the Biden administration’s failure to manage the border and to develop a plan to assist millions of migrants coming into the country. Like many people, she believes resources should go to seniors, veterans and Americans in need. “There are residents struggling within Revere who could use services that are being redirected,” she said.

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