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MassDOT is at it again with Street “Makeovers”

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  The Mass Department of Transportation is at it again with bringing its plan to remake the Revere portion of Bennington Street between Beachmont and Suffolk Downs Blue Line Stations in its ongoing push crafting a statewide bicycle path network to protect and encourage more folks to bike it everywhere they can. MassDOT says it would reduce carbon emissions, TRAFFIC and promote public health. This state agency has been visiting cities and towns explaining how good these new project designs will enhance our quality of life.

  I capitalize TRAFFIC because this is what Massport and the woke climate fanatics want to address: how to get more people out of their cars and onto bikes or public transportation. Is this really about street safety improvements or just the latest scam from those who want to eliminate all fossil fueled vehicles?

  Bennington Street by the Belle Isle Marsh may indeed slow down traffic, but I don’t believe speed is the real rationale behind things. The real reason I believe is to slowly make driving so inconvenient that motorists will gladly give up their fossil-fuel vehicles or more likely it will chase people away from these benevolent makeovers for our own good.

  How does driving slower on skinnier roads reduce carbon emissions? Also, what happens when more motorists move over to Route 16 or 1A? You can bet this idea will have more than a few unintended consequences.

  Oh, by the way, what happens on Bennington Street going southward toward Boston? Will folks at Boston City Hall like those at MassDOT pick up the idea to shrink Bennington Street from Bennington Street in Orient Heights down to Day Square and 1A to the Williams and Sumner Tunnels?

  Eventually, the future of Bennington Street could be one long parking lot in the a.m. and p.m. rush hours. Now is the time for folks in Revere and East Boston to pay close attention because making over our roads and reimagining the future won’t necessarily be done with our best interests at heart. I stopped believing in the tooth fairy a very long time ago. Question everything they throw at us. Make them prove things to us. Who knows what disinformation looks like anymore?

  Time for our elected officials to stand up for us. It is really getting harder for any of us to take anything at face value anymore, isn’t it?

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