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Mayor launches Public Service Honor program Recognizing Revere’s outstanding public service workers

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  Mayor Brian Arrigo this week launched the Public Service Honor of the Month Campaign to highlight Revere’s outstanding public service workers for their dedication to making the city a better place. Throughout this past year, our public and community service workers have gone above and beyond to keep the city moving forward through difficult times. Each month, Mayor Arrigo will present one of the city’s employees with the Public Service Honor of the Month to recognize these amazing people and to give our residents a little more insight into those that work for the city.

  “Government is about helping people and that is what our city employees do on a daily basis,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “The program is designed to highlight those who go above and beyond their daily duty to serve the people and City of Revere. I am proud to work alongside so many dedicated individuals and be able to highlight their work across all departments in our city.”

  As we present the 2022 budget it is a reminder of how important the role of our finance team is in Revere. Revere’s first Public Service Honor of the Month is Richard Viscay, Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We know that when the city’s finances work our city works better for our people. We are proud to honor Chief Viscay with our first public service recognition.

  An interview with Chief Viscay is below.


Q: What do you do in the City?

  A: I am the Chief Financial Officer of the City, acting as the City Auditor and Budget Director and reporting directly to the Mayor and oversee auditing, budget, assessing, purchasing, treasurer, collector and parking departments. As the lead fiscal agent for the city, I serve as a member of the Mayor’s executive management team, involved in many daily policy and program decisions that help inform the Mayor’s decisions around how to use your tax dollars and other city revenues. Additionally, I am chairman of the Revere Retirement Board and a Board Commissioner of the Revere Housing Authority supporting their ongoing mission and goals.


Q: What are the goals for your department?

  A: As CFO, my goals are to ensure that all of the financial operations of the City are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible by embracing technology and innovation whenever possible. Our most important role is to ensure that your tax dollars and other city revenues are used wisely and fulfill the vision of your elected leaders. Just like your own budgets at home, we must balance our budgets to ensure a great credit rating as a city that will allow us to continue to borrow and refinance in a smart and effective way to keep our city competitive. In my role as City Auditor, I oversee a team of people who consistently review departmental spending and budgets to provide the trust in our government that there are no fraudulent, illegal or excessive expenses.


Q: How did you get involved in public service?

  A: Municipal finance is an art that can only be truly learned through experience, and I’ve been able to gain a lot of perspective from many leaders throughout our Commonwealth – government, when done well, can help a lot of people – and if your budget works your city works better for its residents. I began my public service career as an accountant in the Massachusetts State Department of Revenue acting as a representative to 25 cities and towns on the North Shore, reviewing audits, setting tax rates and certifying free cash for all of those towns as part of my duties. My first role in a municipality came in 2013 as the Director of Finance for the Town of Wenham. Since that time, I’ve served as the Finance Director under Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, CFO under Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and now our city CFO under Mayor Brian Arrigo.


Q: What is your favorite part about working in the city?

  A: Knowing I can have a small part to play in positioning the city to achieve its maximum potential. As a resident of the City, it brings me great joy to see how our work can support the improvements both internally as we conduct City business and externally as we develop key areas of the city, including the Beach, Suffolk Downs and Wonderland. This balance allows us to grow in a smart, intentional way that gives opportunities for all in our community.


Q: What are you excited about for the future of Revere?

  A: As a parent of two Revere High graduates and an active member of the School Building Committee, I am excited about the new Revere High School project and what it means for the next generation of leaders in Revere. I am excited about the development of Suffolk Downs and the Life Science building that was recently announced by HYM; these developments will put Revere on the map – both showcasing our amazing educational achievements and helping provide a pipeline of new jobs, opportunities and revenues for the City – we are putting Revere on the map as a major player in our state and region’s economic growth.

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