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Questioning Whether Revere Can Afford a New High School Isn’t Really the Question to be Asked

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  The proposed cost of building new high schools is always a big issue for homeowners and renters in any community. The longer communities wait, the higher the costs but as last week’s letter writer suggests, the approximate just under $500 million price tag could be a bridge too far for many city taxpayers to bear.

  Is it possible to put off construction of a new high school? Can the existing school structure be modified, enlarged, remodeled providing additional space for student learning? I certainly hope City Hall and Revere Public Schools have done their due diligence. I am sure they have.

  As far as the seniors in this city are concerned, perhaps it is time to think about a new senior center. However, what I dislike is pitting the city’s children against the city’s senior population. Both demographics have a right to be served. Yes, it will cost taxpayers more money but that is the price to be made when we are citizens of a community.

  When it comes to spending money, I am a conservative. Most of us are. However, there are things a city needs to strive for going into the future and one of those things is educating our young people today growing into tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s elected officials and tomorrow’s taxpayers too.

  The idea that homeowners who are childless or whose children have grown up get a dispensation because they don’t need public schools getting a tax break sounds good until you apply this principle elsewhere in city finances. Should younger resident taxpayers get a tax credit since they aren’t old and in need of a new senior center?

  Citizens of Revere like citizens everywhere else are in compact with each other to build up their communities. It is the price we pay to live together wherever we choose.

  My bottom line, however? It behooves our elected officials to be open and frank with citizens. Communication between the people and their voices in government needs always to be transparent. Moving forward together is always better than kicking and screaming into the future.

  Government is our business. We should all stay involved. That is the role of the people. Our governors on the other hand need to keep everyone in the loop and explain why every action needs to be taken which even could be costly but still necessary.

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