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Revere High School gets fancy at senior prom

Prom Committee-2
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Approximately 370 Revere High students and their guests celebrated their senior prom at the Danversport Yacht Club last Thursday night.

Teacher Talia Rocaberte, student Pablo Da Silva, in center, and teacher Theo Phillips.
Red Carpet-2
On the red carpet are: Farrell Mullis and Ryan Meagher during last Thursday’s Revere High School senior prom at Danversport Yacht Club.
Promposal — Janaisa Mendoza with Ollie Svendsen.
Prom Committee-2
Members of the Prom Committee included Class Advisor Patty Hurley-Felt with students Mariah Rogers, Sabrina Indorato, Hana Aklog, Vincent Vu, Domenic Boudreau, Arianna Greenman, Ayra Vranic, Domenic Boudreau, Jasmine Rodriguez, Giselle Sepulveda, Jennifer Rivera, Marianna Tamayo, Juana Lopez, Salma Khamis, respectively.
Prom 2023-2
Prom 2023 — Shown from left to right: Tassya Da Costa, Luana Carvalhais, Jessica Nguyen, and Julie Oliveira.
Pictured from left to right: Brenelin Reyes, Victor Brocco, Carolyn Devito and Mackenzie Barrett.
Pictured from left to right: Giancarlo Miro, Class Advisor Patti Hurley-Felt, Gabriel Santana and Declan Murphy.
Getting off their limo, pictured from left to right: Lina Himmy, Lia Escobar, Amina Mustedanagic, and Imad Saidi.
Shown from left to right: Nick Arsenault, Gina D’Itria, Lawrence Santos, Imane Areslan, Emma Higgins, Mia Perrin and Brayden Shanley.
Pictured from left to right: Caniz, Julia and Julio Quiles made it a family affair.
On a date are: Mika Charles and Kristian Pecollari.
Revere High students on the dance floor. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)
Dance Floor-2
On the dance floor are: Ely Wallen, Emily Buss, Nicky Andrade, Sophia Padron, and Nadean Matra.
Samantha Stevens and Giancarlo Ciciulla.
Couple Goals-2
Couple goals — Ariana Pineda Bustamante and Andy Mancia.
Pictured from left to right are friends Kenneth Le, Adam Bellamari, and Damian Am.
Accompanied By-2
Accompanied By — Gianna and Gal Barrile.
Shown from left to right: Gabriela De La Rosa, Juanita Giraldo Galvis, Sam Ochoa, Leonel Mazariegos and Nate Lemken.

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