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RevereTV Spotlight

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  In the spirit of Halloween, RevereTV aired an all-weekend-long marathon of Creature Feature movies! If you tuned in to the Community Channel last weekend, you would have seen the event, which included some special screenings. October 30 was the anniversary of the War of the Worlds 1938 Radio Broadcast, so that was Saturday’s special event. Throughout the day on Halloween, the movie of the day (Sunday) was “Night of the Living Dead.” If you missed the full weekend marathon or if the marathon sparked your interest in this type of movie, Creature Double Features holds a time slot every Saturday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. You may be able to catch reruns of the Halloween specials as well.

  Election season is over for the city, but RevereTV’s live coverage of the results on Tuesday can still be viewed on Facebook and YouTube. Ed Deveau was the host in studio this time, reading preliminary results and interviewing city officials about their campaigns. RevereTV thanks everyone involved in making live coverage on election night a success, especially Deveau, viewers and the officials who take time to participate.

  There are a few community events from recent weeks that are now airing as highlight reels on RTV. The Great Pumpkin Dash was a road race at Revere Beach. Some runners even came dressed in costumes for a costume contest. Catch the highlight reel playing in between traditional programming on the Community Channel. The Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Tour can also be viewed this week. The recording will be airing in between general programming throughout the next few weeks. If you want to access any RevereTV coverage or shows produced by RevereTV, everything is posted to YouTube to be viewed at your convenience.

  RevereTV’s cooking programs have been hits lately with Community Channel viewers. Two in particular – “Cooking with the Keefe’s” and “Cooking Made Simple” – were recorded most recently and feature some fall-inspired recipes. RevereTV invites community members to volunteer to try hosting “What’s Cooking, Revere?” – a show created to feature residents sharing their favorite recipes.

  Becoming a community member is completely free and provides you with the training and resources needed to produce and volunteer to work on programming at RTV. The only requirement is that you live in Revere or are sponsored by someone living in Revere.

  Revere High School football games continue to stream live on the RTV Community Channel, Facebook and YouTube. Replays of the games can be viewed on television a few nights per week. RHS football is not the only livestream in sports to look out for this month. The annual Powderpuff Flag Football Game will also be covered by RevereTV. To watch any of these games live, tune in to 8 and 1072 on Comcast or 3 and 614 on RCN. You must be a cable subscriber to watch RTV on television.

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