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RevereTV Spotlight

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  The new year at RevereTV begins with a handful of new cooking shows! If you tune in to the Community Channel, you will see episodes of “What’s Cooking, Revere?” and “Fabulous Foods with Victoria Fabbo” playing all week. Victoria Fabbo is a local dietician and chef who began her TV journey at RTV being featured on “What’s Cooking, Revere?” She had been recording so many episodes in the kitchen studio that she now has her own program. In Fabbo’s latest episodes, you can follow along as she makes beef stew, beef braciole with vegetables, and creates her own twist on lasagna. In the latest on “What’s Cooking, Revere?” the recipes are led by community member Diana Cardona and another by the owners of Valsos Table & Bar. You can find all RevereTV cooking programs posted to YouTube to be viewed at any time.

  Last Sunday, the Community Channel was stacked with some top programs and fun event coverage from 2022. These programs included sports coverage, community event coverage, educational forums and popular cooking shows. This schedule was put together as a highlight reel of the past year to celebrate as we move on to 2023. For another chance to commemorate 2022 with RevereTV, the schedule will repeat this Sunday. Tune in to channel 8/1072 on Comcast and 3/614 on RCN to watch.

  The Game of the Week this week was RHS Girls Basketball vs. Medford yesterday at 6 p.m. It was available to watch live on the Community Channel, Facebook and YouTube. Last week’s game was RHS Girls Basketball vs. Milton, and it is now replaying on television. Games posted to social media may be taken down until the end of the season, but replays will be scheduled on RTV at various times over the weeks following each game.

  If you are interested in becoming a member at RevereTV, call 781-426-9498 to schedule an appointment to tour the studio and learn more about what RTV can offer. Memberships are free to any Revere resident. As a member, you will be able to take classes on production and editing that can lead you into being an independent producer of your own show. Some community members join to take on a volunteer role on community shoots.

  RevereTV hopes to continue to be your community source through 2023, and thanks all new and old community members who help to keep the studio’s programming possible.

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