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RevereTV Spotlight

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  Revere High School Basketball has been covered extensively by RevereTV. The studio staff was able to make it to a bunch of games over the past few weeks that included three girls games and three boys games. When games are covered by RTV, they are streamed live on all outlets: Facebook, YouTube and the Community Channel. Recordings are kept on YouTube in the respective playlists, and replays are aired in the following weeks on TV.

  RTV would like to remind you that the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center is back open to the public! The studio has many partnership programs with the Senior Center and recorded an update with Senior Center employees last week. Watch the latest update about all of the events, offerings and minor restrictions at the Senior Center as it reopens for public activity. The RevereTV recorded update is now playing in between programming on the Community Channel, and on YouTube to be viewed at any time.

  A new cooking show episode should be recorded soon! The latest is “Cooking Made Simple” with Chef Kelly Armetta. RTV expects to see a new episode of “Cooking with the Keefe’s” sometime this month. This show features the Keefe family, Ward 4 City Councillor Patrick Keefe and Jennifer Keefe. Both of these programs are spin-offs of RevereTV’s “What’s Cooking, Revere?” Being professional chefs and RTV community members, Armetta and Keefe became frequent visitors of the RevereTV kitchen studio, enough to create their own programs. The cooking shows have been a big hit on RTV, and each episode plays on the Community Channel but is posted to playlists on YouTube to view at your convenience. If you are viewing episodes on YouTube, check out the full recipes posted in the video descriptions so you can prepare ingredients ahead of time and follow along.

  Students from Revere High School (RHS) are starting their own show at RevereTV. It will be called “Amplify” and serve to do as the title says: amplify student voices. The group of students recorded a PSA last week asking for other RHS students to participate in the start of their program. They are seeking artists to create a logo for the show, writers to help create a slogan and other volunteers to help with all aspects of production. Watch this PSA on RevereTV’s YouTube page to learn about what is needed and how to participate.

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