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Sandra Porrazzo and Catherine Penn are April’s Public Servants of the Month

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  Mayor Brian Arrigo on Tuesday announced Sandra Porrazzo and Catherine (Cathy) Penn as April’s Public Servants of the Month. Sandra and Cathy both work at the front desk at City Hall, greeting residents as they enter with questions about city services. Every day, with a smile on their face and a willingness to help Revere residents, Sandra and Cathy take time out of their retirement to give back to their community. Both lifelong Revere residents with lengthy careers preceding this position, Cathy and Sandra love and care for their community, making them both clear choices for this month’s Public Servant of the Month.

  Q: Can you tell us what you do in the City of Revere and your career prior?

  Sandra: I’ve lived in Revere since 1959 and graduated from Revere High School in 1966. I spent the beginning of my career working for insurance agents. In the 90’s, I started to work for the City of Revere as the Director of Consumer Affairs. In 2000, I started working in the City of Chelsea and was the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent for 15 years. I retired in 2015, and now I work at the front desk at Revere City Hall as a greeter. I get to see a lot of people every day and a lot of old friends.

  Cathy: My career has always been a teacher. In between, I was elected to the City Council where I served four terms. After leaving, I returned to teaching where I taught for 30 years and retired. After retirement, I wanted to continue working in the City, and when the Mayor asked me to join the front desk, it was the perfect job for me. I said yes right away.

  Q: What does Revere mean to you?

  Sandra: It’s a great city – I love it here and I brought my family up here. My husband and I, Louis, will be married 48 years this year. I have two sons, Lou Jr., an attorney, and Christopher, a guidance counselor at the Rumney Marsh Academy, who married my daughters-in-law Bethany and Stefanie. Between the two of my children, I have four beautiful grandchildren growing up in the city named Emily, Jack, Luke and Mason. The people in Revere are very friendly, and you have beautiful Revere Beach. I just love it here – I can’t picture myself living in any other city. Revere is home.

  Cathy: Revere means everything to me. I love Revere – you could not let me move; you’ll have to carry me out! People are so friendly and so nice. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. For example, when my husband passed, I frequently went to restaurants alone – there was always someone there to chat with. There are some people who have never seen the ocean and here we have it right in our backyard. My family was raised in Revere; my brother had a business in Revere. My daughter Marcy and her husband Brian raised my grandson, Nicholas, who just got his Doctorate. My husband was a Revere City Councilor and so was my father. Revere is part of who I am.

  Q: What’s the highlight of your career thus far?

  Sandra: When I worked in Chelsea, I worked for the Superintendent. It was hard to raise both a family and work full time, but I’m proud of the way I was able to handle it. Between running around with them at basketball practice, track meets and more, and working full time, I am still proud of the work I was able to accomplish in the City of Revere and the City of Chelsea.

  Cathy: My first inauguration to the City Council sticks out to me because it was so thrilling. I was the first woman Council President in the City of Revere, and at that time it was very difficult to maneuver the politics of it all as a woman. I love politics, always have, and I am very committed to Mayor Arrigo and think he’s doing a great job. I also loved my teaching career. It taught me so much.

  Q: What does public service mean to you?

  Sandra: Public service is helping people. My husband and I are both retired, but I like being out and interacting with people. When this position was offered to me, I said yes because it was right up my alley. For a few years I also worked in the Police Station, and it is so great to talk to people and guide them with their questions. Public service is really all about community and helping people.

  Cathy: Public service, to me, means helping people. Community is a huge part of Revere, and it should always be that way.

  Q: If you could give the future of Revere one piece of advice, what would it be?

  Sandra: Work hard, always be considerate and helpful to people. If you do that, you won’t have any problems. Before this interview finishes, I want to thank Mayor Arrigo and his very capable assistant Jackie for this great honor.

  Cathy: Buy property if you can! Make sure we do things to keep the air clean because climate change is a big issue.


—Would you like to nominate someone for Public Servant of the Month? Log on to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfy56p8S96a6MqU-AF2rDZKEKGOTHoI9dYagwgWWNMWur_Lew/viewform

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