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School Supt. Dr. Kelley earns high marks on evaluation

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  Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly received high marks from the School Committee on her latest performance evaluation.

  State school committees are required to conduct a public review of their district’s superintendent of schools, produce an evaluation report and work with the superintendent to define and/or refine the superintendent’s annual performance plans and goals for the coming year. The evaluation consists of two parts, one which focuses on the progress towards the superintendent’s stated goals and one which looks at standards in broad categories of skills and performance relative to the work of the superintendent.

  Previously, the School Committee approved goals for Kelly in the areas of professional practice, student learning and student improvement, according to School Committee Member Stacey Bronsdon-Rizzo. “We feel Dr. Kelly has met her professional practice, student learning, and district improvement goals,” said Bronsdon-Rizzo. “Dr. Kelly approaches her role as a leader for the Revere Public Schools with fidelity and high standards and expectations. She has obviously devoted much time and energy towards achieving her professional goals and providing the committee with supporting evidence, demonstrating the attention to detail with which she approaches every aspect of her role in the district.”

  Bronsdon-Rizzo said Kelly’s visionary leadership creates an equitable and inclusive school community to meet the needs of all students. “Enough can’t be said about her leadership, along with our mayor, in building a new Revere High School complex,” she said. “Whether it has been Covid, the Revere High School program meetings, or the new administrator search at Revere High, she has always included the community for input. Dr. Kelly continues to be an exemplary leader for our school district and she is tireless in her advocacy on behalf of the children and families of our community.”

  Kelly was rated proficient in the standards of instructional leadership, management and operations, family and community communication and professional culture.

  Mayor Brian Arrigo thanked Kelly for her partnership with the city administration. “I have the opportunity to meet with and talk to a lot of other folks that are in my position, and I hear the challenges that many of them face with their districts and with the schools in general,” said Arrigo. “To have such a leader as Dr. Kelly on our behalf is an immense help for me and she has been an incredible partner.”

  Kelly thanked the mayor and members of the School Committee for their kind words and the time they put into the evaluation. “I know it is not an easy task, any educator will tell you that the evaluation system in the public schools is always a bit daunting, both for the person being evaluated, but also for the people doing the evaluation,” said Kelly. “I will certainly take the feedback from the surveys from the evaluation forms that you all filled out and from the survey you sent out and take that to my heart and really let it inform my practice.”

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