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Susan Taraskiewicz homicide is featured on new edition of ‘The Deck’ Podcast

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  (Editor’s note: The following story was based on a press release issued this week by the Massachusetts State Police [MSP] regarding the Susan Taraskiewicz case. Taraskiewicz, 27, a Saugus resident and a Northwest Airlines ramp supervisor at Logan Airport, went to pick up some sandwiches for coworkers early on the morning of Sept. 13, 1992. But she never returned to work. Her lifeless body – beaten and stabbed – turned up in the trunk of her car the next day, parked at an autobody shop in Revere. She was a 1983 Saugus High School graduate and was still living at home with her parents at the time of her murder. She had been working at Northwest for about eight years and earned a promotion to a supervisory role at the airline company.


Yesterday morning – September 14 – marked a somber and tragic anniversary, 31 years to the day that the body of murder victim Susan Taraskiewicz was found in the trunk of her car outside an auto repair shop on Route 1A in Revere. The passage of nearly a third of a century – the passage of a stretch of time that is four years longer than the length of Susan’s life – has not tempered one bit our desire to bring her killer or killers to justice.

That work, led by our State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County, continues through street-level investigative tactics, consideration of evolving forensic capabilities and if they can be applied to existing evidence, and continued outreach to those who might have information about the case. To that last point, last year the Massachusetts State Police, with assistance from the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, created a deck of playing cards featuring unsolved homicides. It is a tactic that an increasing number of police departments around the world are using. Each card shows a victim’s photo and details about his or her case, as well as a number to call if you have information to share. Susan’s card in the MSP’s deck is the Eight of Spades.

We are very pleased to report that that effort has led to Susan’s case being featured as the subject of this week’s episode of “The Deck” podcast, which reveal the stories behind some of those cards created by law enforcement agencies. The podcast draws on research of the cases, with the help of detectives and victim’s family members who have gone on record – hoping to see justice served. We are grateful to Susan’s mother, Marlene Taraskiewicz, and retired Massachusetts State Police Detective Lieutenant Robert Murphy, who worked Susan’s case for two decades, for discussing the case with “The Deck.”

We hope you give the episode a listen. It is very informative and thorough.

And we renew our request for information about Susan’s murder. We know a good deal already. But there is more information that we still need to obtain or confirm before we can finally secure justice for Susan. There are people walking around today, going about their lives, who have that information.

If you have any information about Susan’s murder or the person or people who might have been involved, please contact us. Whatever reason you had for remaining silent until now doesn’t matter to us. Time passes, people and things change. It’s a long time past September 14, 1992, but not too late to do what is right. If you are one of those people who have information about what was done to Susan, or who did it, please call the State Police Detective Unit for Suffolk County at 617-727-8817. And please listen here for more details: https://thedeckpodcast.com/susan-su-taraskiewicz/

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