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Thinking Out Loud

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Looking For Fossil Fuels In All The Wrong Places

  The Biden White House is still trying to somehow blame Trump for the gas crisis and when it isn’t the Orange Man, it is war criminal Vladimir Putin, that bad character trying to beat the Ukraine into submission.

  I am bewitched and bewildered like Rod Stewart’s old song. Gas pump prices have been rising since Biden’s first day in office when he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and started pushing AOC’s Green New Deal. When Trump left the White House, gas prices were under $2.00 per gallon and, since then, the price has doubled with no end in sight.

  It appears while Biden hasn’t a clue how to fix anything, we just merrily go on paying it up the nose. Lately, the Biden folks are even now talking with Venezuela, the Iran Mullahs and incredibly, the Russians Oligarchs to feed our fossil fuel needs.

  The Green New World Order has captivated the growing AOC-wing of the Democratic Socialists Party which has kidnapped the brains of both Biden and Pelosi.

  The political party, once called the “party of the people” is now working against the people’s best interests. It would appear that they are trying to force us out of our fossil fueled cars and into electric vehicles, even though these vehicles are still unaffordable for most of us and the infrastructure to run them is a long way from charging them up. Fossil fuel is still needed for the foreseeable future.

  AOC, Ayanna and the rest of the Squad keep pushing us into public transportation or onto bikes and in the process are once again finishing up with the virus left off in destroying the US economy. As of March 8th, America has hit an all-time high with a national average of $4.11 per gallon and there are many gas stations out there around $4.50 and higher already. Wait until the oil guy fills up your home oil tank, OUCH!!!

  Fossil fuels drive our economy – there’s no denying. The high fuel costs, the high prices on everything we purchase – in the end, the brunt of this crisis will fall on the working and middle-class folks. Also, watch how restaurants will start closing up and many for good. Many barely survived the last two years and now things will get much worse.

  We are headed for hyperinflation and possibly a recession and Biden, Ed Markey and the like are still pushing their green agenda which in part has made Putin feel more empowered and ready to rumble with one and all.

  Russia has Western Europe under its thumb when it comes to their collective energy needs. Gas prices in Revere, Chelsea, etc. are in the fours and heading higher. Putin is partly responsible but so too are the Democrat New Green Dealers.

  By the time you are reading this, we should be on course to hit $5.00 by St. Patrick’s Day. Pray for peace, pray for lower prices and pray that the New Red Wave hits in November.

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