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Time For Democrats To Cut All The Malarkey Over Debt Ceiling

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  The drama over the debt ceiling crisis isn’t anything new because Democrats play the same song year after year. Democrats obviously don’t care about the rising debt or they would have gotten serious about it years ago.

  Let me tell you this about the debt ceiling and never-ending spending. Let’s cut the BLANK. If you were part of a family that spent more money than it had and you were continually using a credit card to pay for everything, that’s not a smart thing to do. The credit card company would stop you from continually using your credit card going forward. You can’t borrow what you can’t pay back. The government has its own rules. They can continue to spend and borrow as much as they say they need. Government can’t stop spending. It isn’t in its nature. So, we get a debt crisis and the government’s answer is just to keep raising the debt ceiling to meet its spending goals. This is where we all need to start from period.

  Democrats are paying fast and loose with our ever-growing debt. Listen to how they explain things: “Raising the debt limit would not authorize any new spending but would allow the U. S. government to meet its fiscal obligations already approved by Congress and signed into law by the president.”

  All the above is true but nothing will change the ongoing continued spending of money we don’t have until we start cutting chunks of our spending that keeps pushing us further and further into the rabbit hole of debt. On this matter, the Republican response is the right one to make. Lifting the debt ceiling necessitates preconditions that attack the root causes of this crisis, which is spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I hate using such an analogy. I had an uncle who served in the Navy in World War II, but unless we deal with the tough economics of the situation, nothing will ever change and eventually, our national debt could continue to grow higher and higher. Without real spending cuts, the whole idea of a debt ceiling would be useless. Why have a ceiling at all for that matter? Just keep spending and spending, forcing our nation into a recession or worse, a depression.

  Last week, Democrat hacks gathered on the Boston Common waving placards that read

“NO MAGAfactured DEFAULT CRISIS.” Democrat Whip Katherine Clark whipped up the crowd by saying Republicans “have ‘decided to take our country and our economy hostage’ with proposed cuts to a wide range of programs” (full quote from the Boston Herald).

  When Democrats in the US Capitol aren’t blaming the Republicans for everything out there, they call them intransigent and, as one protester at the rally put it, “Republicans are extreme and don’t care about anything other than their own power.”

  Oh, it is all about power, and the very fact many Democrats are pushing President Biden to use the 14th amendment to go around the Republican-led House and ram a higher debt ceiling on his own power says everything we need to know about all that “democracy is at stake” hypocrisy that Dems like U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark seem to support ending the stalemate with Republican lawmakers over reasonable comprises.

  James Cantwell from U.S. Sen. Edward Markey’s office says, “Republicans aren’t serious about finding a solution [to the debt crisis].” One could just as easily say the same thing about the Democrats, too. The American people are fed up being fed all this malarkey. I know this American is. How about you?

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