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Whip Clark Whips Up Plate of Politics On Revere Visit

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  Listen, before I even start, I want readers to know I am an unrolled voter and not a MAGA Republican. As I read the political talking points from US Rep. Katherine Clark, once again I saw her spin everything upside down. I used to be a Democrat growing up when Democrats actually stood for working-class families, but that is now so “yesterday.”

  Clark decides to go to Revere to blab at the Head Start site talking about poor and working families who will get crushed under the GOP’s Default on America Act. While her three most favorite words must be MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, the action name of the bill is Default on Our Debt Act (H.R.187), which would cap FY’24 discretionary spending.

  It would appear from the inflammatory statements made by her that this is not a governmental visit but rather a strict political partisan event. Republicans are concerned about endlessly raising the debt ceiling without ever thinking about constant spending. If you had a credit card that was maxing out, what would you do? Increase your spending habits? Or attempt to curb spending? If this makes sense for us as families, why not for the government?

  House Republicans have passed a measure that attempts to curb spending that we do not have. Biden wants a clean bill. Just raise the debt ceiling. Republicans are saying WHOA! – that we should link spending cuts to an increase in the borrowing limit. Sounds reasonable to me but not to the tax and spending habits up on Capitol Hill.

  Biden Democrats need to come to their collective senses because this issue of the debt ceiling keeps coming back because they like spending money that does not exist. Why doesn’t Clark support efforts for fiscal responsibility? Playing politics with our economy is a losing game for everyone. The time is now for the same reasonableness that we have seen before. We need substantive spending and budget reforms.

  Back during debt ceiling negotiations in 1995, then-Senator Joe Biden pushed for restraining federal spending as a part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Then he was supporting some reduction in government spending but not so today. Why? Personally, as an independent voter, I say it is time for everyone on Capitol Hill to stop playing a game of chicken.

  I am so disappointed in the leadership of US Rep. Katherine Clark; she is failing not only her District 5 constituents but America, too.

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