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Why Columbus Day should not be changed to Indigenous Day

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  Dear Editor:

  One might argue, did Columbus really discover America? But to suggest he was a racist with no proof is disingenuous. It’s also disingenuous to suggest that Columbus statues are rooted in racism.

  Some issues to consider when discussing this matter are:

  Eleven Italians were lynched in New Orleans in 1891 while thousands cheered on what was the largest mass lynching in US history. To fight the oppression, Italian Americans promoted Columbus Day. Columbus was a progressive. Claims that the statues symbolize racism are simply not true.

  Humanity was separated for 10,000 years until his Atlantic voyage to America, creating a United world as we know it. Columbus was a dreamer not a slave owner.

  What the HRC should be doing besides more research, is celebrating his legacy. Columbus Day is not about the discovery of America it’s about providing a safe have for immigrants withing to leave oppressed foreign governments where human life has no value.

  Revere should be in the forefront of stopping this ridiculous dialogue of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Day.

  My suggestion is find another day for Indigenous Day.


Toni Esposito

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