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Countdown Till Town Meeting

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Editor’s Note: The 2024 Annual Town Meeting convenes on Monday, May 6. As a special service to our readers and the registered voters of Saugus, we are reaching out to all 50 Town Meeting members, focusing on one precinct each week, in the weeks leading up to the start of Town Meeting, asking members about their expectations for the upcoming Town Meeting. This week, we received responses from four of the five Town Meeting Members in Precinct 5. For next week’s newspaper, we will reach out to the five Town Meeting Members from Precinct 6.


Question One: What do you consider the top priority for the town as you prepare for the opening of the 2024 Town Meeting session?

Pamela J. Goodwin: Several top priorities of mine include: (1) approval by Town Meeting of a balanced budget that provides continued financial stability and meets the needs of the Town as a whole; (2) seeing the completion of a third fire station to be located on the west side of Town come to fruition; (3) continued ongoing upgrades to Town infrastructure; (4) addressing the heightened traffic and the impact it has on our community; (5) employing the careful balance needed between encouraging new businesses and further development, with the strong desire of our citizens to maintain “the hometown feel” of our Town; and, last but not least, (6) the development of strong bonding, idea sharing, and respect for each other and everyone’s ideas within our new Town Meeting.

Jaclyn Hickman: The top priority for me would be to ensure progress being made towards a third fire station on the west side of Saugus. I understand that we have a feasibility study that is either in progress or has taken effect. I would like to hear the results in the near future. Although my precinct does not reside on the west side of town, I have heard from residents or family members who reside in or near that precinct and this is a priority for them.

Brent Spencer: The top priorities for Saugus in this year’s town meeting is to come up with a plan or formula to pay for the new Northeast Vocational School. To make sure that all Town departments and the school department are fully funded. To continue to fund the Stabilization Fund as the main financial reserve in the event of any emergencies. This will also help to maintain a strong bond rating for the town. To make sure that taxpayers’ dollars are spent productively and efficiently.

Ronald M. Wallace: I read the Advocate every week. Most previous Town Meeting Members have already addressed the third firehouse, Northeast Regional & school resource officer which I support all of those.

I want to address what I consider a huge problem in town that rarely gets mentioned. The town is completely littered with trash and it’s giving Saugus a real bad look. This is a two-part problem in my opinion.

The first is recycling bins with no lids. Just takes a little wind and the trash is all over the neighborhood. Saugus does not enforce this and that’s a shame.

The second is people just throwing trash on the ground. I live right off Walnut Street and walking my dog it’s just gross. Nips, beer cans, you name it. Some dog owners don’t pick up either, which is another issue that needs to be addressed.


Question Two: What do you consider the top priority for residents in your precinct as you prepare for the opening of the 2024 Town Meeting session?

Pamela J. Goodwin: One of the top priorities for residents of Precinct 5 continues to be the planned re-use – and especially residents’ input into the compilation of ideas and the decision-making process – of closed town properties such as schools, public buildings, etc. within the Precinct. We all look to the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, and other officials to continue listening to comments, ideas, questions, etc. from the community prior to finalizing any plans. Other top priorities for Precinct 5 residents continue to include the schools and other Town services.

Jaclyn Hickman: A top priority in my precinct would have to do with the Lynnhurst School/field. I would like to make sure that it remains an area where neighbors/residents in my precinct will be able to engage in outdoor activities, such as being able to use the softball field, playground, basketball court, etc. This seems to be a widespread concern throughout Precinct 5.

Brent Spencer: The top priorities for Precinct 5 would be what will become of the Lynnhurst School property. Whatever happens to the school and playground, the residents in the neighborhood as well as the members of the Precinct should be kept informed and have a say in the matter. A major concern in Precinct 5 and the rest of the town is traffic and how to control it. An additional concern is the condition of the roads and sidewalks and to make sure they are being maintained.

Ronald M. Wallace: I think the vacant schools are a top concern for Precinct 5 residents. The Lynnhurst School is badly run down and kids have vandalized it since it closed in 2019.

A rumor has also surfaced about what might be going there but just a rumor still at this point. That’s the top thing residents ask me.


Question Three: Are you working independently or in collaboration with other members on articles to be introduced for this year’s Town Meeting? Could you please elaborate? Summarize your article and what you hope to accomplish.

Pamela J. Goodwin: Precinct 5 Town Meeting members have a history of collaboration and working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the precinct we represent. Although we are not currently working on a specific article as a group right now, we would not hesitate to do so in the future.

Jaclyn Hickman: At the current time, I am not working on any articles.

Brent Spencer: I’m not working on any articles for this year’s town meeting. Any amendments would come after the Town warrant is finalized.

Ronald M. Wallace: I do not have any articles planned at the moment.


Question Four: Please feel free to share any other views about the upcoming Town Meeting.

Pamela J. Goodwin: I’m extremely grateful to continue to represent the residents of Precinct 5. It has always been my honor, and I appreciate your confidence by allowing me to continue to represent you at Town Meeting. I’m also excited and eagerly looking forward to working with all the Town Meeting members to continue to make Saugus the best that it can be!

Jaclyn Hickman: I look forward to working with the other Town Meeting Members to help move Saugus forward in a positive and productive manner.

Brent Spencer: I would like to thank Peter Manoogian, Carla Scuzzarella, and Steve Doherty for holding informative meetings at the Library. These meetings are helpful for the new town meeting members. It helps them learn about the workings of Town Meeting. I would also like to thank all town meeting members for serving their town. If any resident has any concerns about their neighborhood or town, they should feel free to contact one of their town meeting members. Thank you and Happy Easter!

Ronald M. Wallace: I feel some of the new Town Meeting Members will bring fresh ideas to the table which is a good thing.

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