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Gold Certified: Wildlife Habitat Council honors WIN Waste Innovations for protection and management of Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Saugus

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(Editor’s Note: The following info is from a press release issued by WIN Waste Innovations last week after the company was recognized by a Maryland-based conservation group for demonstrating leadership in corporate environmental efforts to protect and manage the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.)

  WIN Waste Innovations (formerly Wheelabrator Saugus), a leader in reliable waste and recycling solutions with a commitment to the future of both the planet and the local communities it serves, has received the highest-level certification available from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) for its protection and management of the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Saugus. WIN Waste Innovations was designated Gold Certified for meeting the “strict requirements” of the WHC’s certification program, which signifies leadership in corporate environmental efforts. Designees are given a Certified, Silver Certified or Gold Certified designation. WIN Waste will be recognized at the WHC 2022 Conservation Conference on June 14-15 in Detroit.

  “WIN’s protection and management of the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is recognized as meeting the strict requirements of WHC Conservation Certification,” said WHC President Margaret O’Gorman. “Companies achieving WHC Conservation Certification, like WIN, are environmental leaders, voluntarily supporting sustainable ecosystems and the communities that surround them.”

  “We are particularly pleased by the Wildlife Habitat Council’s highest certification because it validates our strategy of supporting community-based causes, like Bear Creek,” said WIN Waste Innovations’ VP of Environment, Jim Connolly.

  Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is a 370-acre property abutting a 2,274-acre estuary in Saugus. With support from WIN Waste Innovations, it has blossomed into one of the largest bird migration staging areas in Northeastern Massachusetts and a habitat for more than 200 bird species, as well as other wildlife. A popular site for educational and recreational programs, it includes more than 14,000 feet of walking trails, a half-acre exhibit garden and meeting and lecture areas.

  Bear Creek is just one example of the ways in which WIN Waste Innovations supports local conservation efforts aligned with its vision for a healthier planet. Through partnerships with commercial and municipal customers, schools, local charities and others, WIN Waste becomes a force multiplier for initiatives that advance environmental protection and rejuvenation.

  “We are committed to supporting initiatives that do a world of good by educating and mobilizing partners to conserve the health of our environment and local communities,” said WIN Waste Innovations Senior Marketing Strategist Michelle Firmbach Nadeau. “Bear Creek is a shining example of what can happen when business, environmental and community-based organizations work together in protecting our planet.”

  WIN Waste supports 250 community-based organizations on projects ranging from planting urban tree canopies in Baltimore to restoring sparrow nests at Bear Creek. Projects include:

  • Helping communities reach carbon neutrality by preserving and increasing carbon stores in salt marshes, which have a capacity to store carbon that is 10 times greater than tropical rainforests
  • Reducing energy consumption by 18 to 30 percent by integrating green infrastructure into urbanized environments
  • Removing plastic from public greenspaces before they turn into highly mobile hydrocarbon pollution known as microplastics
  • Introducing students, through WIN Waste’s Nesting Box Initiative, to the natural services provided to their communities by geological features, ecosystems and wildlife species
  • Working with students, through WIN Waste’s At-Risk Species Program, to identify wildlife species impacted by climate change and to develop management plans to help the species adapt.
  • Working with students, through WIN Waste’s Migratory Wildlife Program, to identify migratory wildlife species and prime migratory staging habitats in their communities
  • Introducing students, through WIN Waste’s Sustainable Living Program, to curb-to-grid waste management practices and proper recycling methods at home to better manage waste

  “Not only are we protecting important environmental resources, but we are advancing the state-of-the-art in environmental remediation and preservation – solving environmental challenges with nature-based solutions, for example,” said Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Manager Geoff Wilson.

WIN Waste Innovations

  WIN Waste Innovations is a sustainable waste management company committed to delivering essential waste management solutions to customers and communities supported by its team of 1,900 employees. WIN Waste believes in preserving our environment for future generations while providing for today’s needs. WIN Waste is a vertically integrated business with a platform of 50 strategically located collection, transfer and disposal assets. These include waste-to-energy facilities, transfer stations, ash monofills, landfills and fleets of rail cars and collection vehicles. WIN Waste annually converts 6.7 million tons of waste into clean, renewable energy that powers 340,000 homes. WIN Waste recycles more than 234,000 tons of plastic, paper and metals from the waste stream. For more information, visit www.win-waste.com.

Wildlife Habitat Council

  WHC partners with corporations, fellow conservation organizations, government agencies and community members to empower and recognize wildlife habitat and conservation education programs. Members are environmental leaders at local, national and global levels, voluntarily managing their lands to support sustainable ecosystems and the communities that surround them. Since 1988, WHC has certified more than 1,000 habitat and education programs worldwide. WHC Conservation Certification programs can be found in 47 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and 25 countries. To learn more, visit wildlifehc.org or follow @WildlifeHC on Twitter.

A BIRD-WATCHING PARADISE: Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary has blossomed into one of the largest bird migration staging areas in Northeastern Massachusetts. The 370-acre property provides a habitat for more than 200 bird species. WIN Waste Innovations recently received the highest-level certification available from the Wildlife Habitat Council for its protection and management of Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Saugus. (Courtesy photo to The Saugus Advocate)

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