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Guess Who’s “The Sketch Artist?”

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Now, I will reveal the answer to that question

  March 2020 left us staring at huge porcupine balls (magnified images of the Covid virus) – many struck with cortisol driven bloodshot eyes glued to TV sets in horror. Hmmn… since we as humans are visual and our minds think in pictures, wonder how much was intended to induce fear in which the immune system fails proper function?

  In those strangest and scariest of times, the “Guess Who Got Sketched?” contest was created for the fear-struck and those who were crowded out by pending isolations of doom and gloom. It was time to drop the virus magnifier for a moment and seek hope and look upon shining lights that make a difference. Often these luminaries go unnoticed, busily lending helping hands behind scenes; it seemed necessary to pull them out from the sea of Saugonians.

  In a world gone colder, highlighting these novas of great warmth would showcase hope and encouragement. I thought: With a contest, everyone would benefit with the following features:

  • A unique event no other paper has because I designed it.
  • The featured sketchee, with biography article, will be enlightening us all to their luminesce.
  • We all could feel inspired by high achievers in the midst of chaotic times.
  • Our contest winner would feel encouraged to venture out once again to enjoy their tasty prize.
  • The Business sponsoring the prize would be acknowledged as an important team member.

  Being somewhat of a quiet, reflective nature made it difficult getting the courage up to ask people to be sketched. Oftentimes, I mentally sketched people but still needed a reference for finalization; as a result, many sketches for the paper ended up just a gesture in my sketch pad. All recommended sketches were researched and featured in a sketch, none were denied.

  Sometimes, as Martin Luther King states, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Hopefully, the contest gave a peek at ours amidst the draining behaviors of unkind souls who trample others. Perhaps the contest added a spark of light, disrupting the droning on of doldrum days of pandemic news?

  In the near future, I am going to do an Exhibit of all the 9 x 12 Luminaries I did for The Saugus Advocate through the years. I still may do the “Guess Who Got Sketched?” contest If a business would like to donate a $10.00 gift certificate for the Winner’s prize.

  Thank you to Our GREAT Saugus Team who made this contest possible! Our Sponsors Del C., previous owner of Broadway Dunkin’ Donuts, Mike and Celina F., previous owners of Dunkin’ Donuts at the Saugus Mall, J & M Italian American Cuisine, Hammersmith Family Restaurant and Jimmy’s Steer House.

  Much Thanks to The Saugus Advocate Publisher James David Mitchell and Editor Mark E. Vogler.

  Yours Truly,


  Editor’s Note: Saugus resident Joanie Allbee is a local artist and frequent contributor to The Saugus Advocate. She is an author and longtime writer of articles for various publications – also known as “THE SKETCH ARTIST.”

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