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SAUGUS, MA. (December 5, 2022) – Malden Catholic students have completed the coursework required for the first quarter of the 2022-2023 school year. The school has three categories for outstanding academic performance honors: President’s List (90 – 100 in all classes), First Honors (85 to 89 in all classes), and Second Honors (80 to 84 in all classes.)

Malden Catholic Honors – QUARTER ONE

President’s List (90 to 100 in all classes)

Ethan Addazio                        President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Rachael Burke                        President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Caio Cruz                                President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Isabella Da Silva                     President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Autumn Ingemi                       President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Joseph Laudanno                    President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Sabrina Magliozzi                  President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Leyna Nguyen                        President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Lily Nguyen                            President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Vincent Nguyen                      President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Yasmin Saroufim                    President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Steven Streeter                        President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Olivia Sullivan                        President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Nicole Uribe Lopez                President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Xinyang Xie                            President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Ryan Young                            President’s List                       Saugus, MA

Marina Youssef                      President’s List                       Saugus, MA


First Honors (85 to 89 in all classes)

Elias Abourjaili                       First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Robert Crivello                       First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Michael DiGirolamo               First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Ava Duarte                            First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Hailey Fern                            First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Mia Fronduto                          First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Lucas La Verde                      First Honors                            Saugus, MA

John Paul Lowrey                   First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Ally Marino                           First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Gianluca Sapienza                 First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Alina Truong                         First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Emily Uribe Lopez                First Honors                            Saugus, MA

Molly Warner                        First Honors                            Saugus, MA


Second Honors (80 to 84 in all classes)

Nikolas Agganis                     Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Isla Anderson                         Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Olivia Arsenault                    Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Ivan Compres                          Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Christopher Femino               Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Benjamin Hurley                    Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Maximus Iturrondo                 Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Roomy Modestin                    Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Richard Pesaturo                     Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Diego Portal                           Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Kenneth Ramirez                    Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Ashley Reardon                     Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

Nicholas Sambataro                Second Honors                        Saugus, MA

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