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~ Political Announcement ~ Robert J Camuso Sr Announces Candidacy for Precinct 2 town meeting member & Charter Commission board

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I am running for re-election for Saugus Precinct 2 town meeting member & also running for the Charter Commission board. I’m currently a town meeting member for Precinct 2, and running for re-election to keep the position of representing Precinct 2 residents. I have a 100% attendance & voting record at town meeting to represent Precinct 2. I’m advocator for the Cliftondale neighborhood for any potential impact development of the Caddy farm property to make sure we have a voice in any potential impacts from the development of this property, and continue to be proactive so we don’t get surprised by unwanted situations. I’ve been involved with Cliftondale neighbors seeking help looking answers or problems, answering questions to the best of my ability by contacting town hall department heads, Selectman, DPW etc. I would appreciate support to keep representing Precinct 2 as a town meeting member.

I am also running for election for the Charter commission board. I want to know what the Charter study revision will do to better our present Town of Saugus needs. The Charter study is a review to see if our present Charter should be revised, and if so will it be more beneficial or if we should keep the Charter in place now. Residents, remember you, the voter, have “ALL” the power by allowing the Charter study to proceed & when that Charter revision study is complete to accept those study results or to deny them at a future 2026 election. I urge residents to pay attention to this Charter study ballot question seeing some certain people are creating rumors to make it fail on election day. This upcoming election is one of the most important elections Saugus has seen in many years with this Charter revision ballot question, Board of selectman, School Committee, town meeting etc. It is going to be a popularity contest this election as you will see in the amount of candidates running for seats & especially for Charter Commission board. If any resident asks me what do you think we should do about the Charter situation? I will give you my honest answer. I don’t know, why because the Charter study results hasn’t been done to give me the answer. Anyone who’s able to answer that question has a one sided agenda view. Who will represent you the best?

I am seeking 1 of the 9 seats for the Charter Commission board. My interest is to know the advantages & disadvantages and how it will impact all Saugus community members. I see the importance of this Charter study opportunity and would appreciate a voice to represent the concerns and input seeing the many concerns I’ve already been asked while collecting my signatures to be on the ballot.

I’m asking on November 7th election day:

1 of your 5 votes for Precinct 2 town meeting member available and also

I’m asking for 1 of your 9 votes available for the Charter Commission board.

I’m a 22+ year Saugus resident, a homeowner in Saugus, I’m married to my wife Michelle, and a proud Dad of 2 great boys. Both of my sons graduated from the Saugus public school system & presently both attend Bentley University College. I run a social media page “Anything in Our Town of Saugus Massachusetts” to keep Saugus residents informed about important issues, information & local events etc. about Saugus and surrounding areas. I’m a 27 year Proud Union local 6 construction worker but most importantly, I care about my community and the direction it’s going.

I would appreciate the chance to keep representing Precinct 2 and to be part of the Charter Commission board to help explore its future opportunities for our community of Saugus.

Remember to get out & vote on November 7th. I would appreciate your support.


Thank you


Robert J Camuso Sr

Saugus Massachusetts

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