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Saugus Middle/High School Courtyard Dedicated to Former Principal Kenneth Fabrizio, Who Served the District for 39 Years

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  The courtyard was dedicated to Kenneth Fabrizio, who served the Saugus Public Schools as teacher for 39 years from 1963 to 2002, of which the last 17 years he served as principal, at the Saugus/Middle High School Complex on Saturday.

  “Working in Saugus all these years, I’ve found parents and students to be outstanding, dedicated and supportive of the school system by attending events, concerts and sports games,” Kenneth Fabrizio told the Saugus Advocate. “Their school spirit made my job easy.”

  He thanked the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee, both of whom were present, for their support.

  “I enjoyed my time here and wouldn’t give it up for anything,” Kenneth Fabrizio said. “I’m proud that people, including former students. are coming today.”

  In his first teaching job, he met his wife, Bonnie, a home economics and computer science teacher; they share 25 years of marriage. Their offices were beside each other. At the time, both were widowed and lonely.

  “It’s a very special honor for him,” Bonnie Fabrizio told the Advocate.

  Their son, Anthony, said it’s a tremendous honor for him. “It’s an honor to call him my dad,” Anthony Fabrizio said. He followed in his parents’ footsteps by teaching and working with special needs children.

  Event Organizer Jon Bernard, who met Fabrizio at the former Belmonte Junior High School when he was vice principal, said Fabrizio taught him that all decisions must be rooted in what’s best for children; and the greatest challenge a teacher faces is convincing students that they can learn from teachers, and how to succeed. “I have never forgotten these important pieces of advice, and to this day, I consider them to be perhaps the greatest bits of professional wisdom that I ever received,” Bernard said. “You can most certainly count me among the children and adults in whose life you were important.”

State Representatives Donald Wong and Jessica Giannino awarded Kenneth Fabrizio a citation for his service.
Ken Fabrizio and his son, Anthony (at right), unveiled the courtyard sign.
Standing Ovation-2
Kenneth Fabrizio is shown waving as he received a standing ovation. He served as Saugus High School principal from 1985 to 2002.
Board of Selectmen members, pictured from left to right: Corinne Riley, honoree Kenneth Fabrizio, Chair Anthony Cogliano, Vice Chair Debra Panetta, Jeff Cicolini and Michael Serino.
School Committee-2
Honoree Kenneth Fabrizio and School Committee members, pictured from left to right: Ryan Fisher, Vice Chair John Hatch, Fabrizio and Chair Vincent Serino.
Next Generation-2
School Committee Chair Vincent Serino, Saugus High Class of 1985, said the public service that they do now is largely for the next generation.
Event Organizer/retired Superintendent of North Reading Public Schools Jon Bernard, Saugus High Class of 1982, said he owes a great deal to Kenneth Fabrizio for his inspiration to work in education.
School Committee Vice Chair John Hatch, Saugus High Class of 1984, said he met Kenneth Fabrizio as his vice principal.
Marc Fauci, Saugus High School Class of 1990, said Kenneth Fabrizio was a leader and welcomed everyone.
Fabrizio Family-2
Kenneth Fabrizio and family, pictured from left to right: grandson Quinn Stanton, 3, son-in-law Mark Stanton, daughter Alexandra Stanton, wife Bonnie Fabrizio, Kenneth Fabrizio, son Anthony Fabrizio, grandson Jack Fabrizio, 13, daughter-in-law Jen Fabrizio and granddaughter Addy Fabrizio, 9.
Event Organizers-2
Honoree Kenneth Fabrizio and Event Organizers, pictured from left to right: Board of Selectmen Chair Anthony Cogliano, Fabrizio and retired Superintendent of North Reading Public Schools Jon Bernard.
Elected Officials-2
Pictured from left to right: Event Organizer/retired Superintendent of North Reading Public Schools Jon Bernard, Selectman Corinne Riley, Board of Selectmen Chair Anthony Cogliano, Selectman Michael Serino, School Committee Members Ryan Fisher and John Hatch, Honoree Kenneth Fabrizio, School Committee Chair Vincent Serino, Selectman Jeff Cicolini, Board of Selectmen Vice Chair Debra Panetta and State Representatives Jessica Giannino and Donald Wong.
Life-long educator Kenneth Fabrizio is shown during Saturday’s courtyard dedication at the Saugus Middle/High School Complex. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)
The courtyard was dedicated to longtime educator Kenneth Fabrizio on Saturday.
Board of Selectmen Chair Anthony Cogliano, Saugus High Class of 1984, said Fabrizio was always well-dressed in a suit and tie.

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