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Saugus Over Coffee

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Town Meeting member Rick Smith offers a message to Precinct 3 residents

  (Editor’s Note: Precinct 3 Town Meeting Member Rick A. Smith was unable to attend the “Saugus Over Coffee” forum held at the Saugus Public Library last Monday, March 13. But he submitted the following letter, which was read into the record by Saugus Advocate Editor Mark E. Vogler, who has been serving as moderator of the forums being cosponsored by The Saugus Advocate and the Saugus Public Library. Town Meeting members who are unable to attend the forums are invited to submit a letter, which is read in their behalf.)

  Good evening, my name is Rick Smith and I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as 1 of your 5 elected Precinct 3 Town Meeting Members. I would also like to thank Mark Vogler and the Saugus Advocate for sponsoring this evening’s “Saugus Over Coffee” meeting. Unfortunately, due to a prearranged commitment I am unable to attend in person tonight. However, the “how” and the “why” of tonight’s gathering is important to me, therefore, I prepared this letter, with my ongoing commitment to all Precinct 3 residents.

  Here’s a little background about myself. I have resided in Saugus since 2002. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. I have worked in the insurance industry since 2002. Prior to residing in precinct 3, I resided in precinct 9 for several years. I purchased my first home in precinct 3 in 2009.

  I started my town meeting journey in 2007. Since 2007, I’ve had the pleasure to serve the residents of Precinct 9 and currently the residents of Precinct 3 as one of your Town Meeting Members. I got involved in Saugus politics because I believe every voice matters and that local government is here to serve the people. I further believe that tough times demand strong leadership.

  During my Town Meeting tenure, there have been several times where hard decisions have had to be made. You have my ongoing commitment that my vote will always represent the best interests of the residents and hard-working families of Precinct 3. My vote will continue to be based on facts and will never be based on what’s viewed as politically correct or convenient.

  Like many other communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Saugus faces challenges as well. One of my main priorities as 1 of your Town Meeting Members is to continue to vote on a budget that is balanced and has no decrease to our public services. We need to continue to work together to ensure that our budget fully supports and staffs our schools, library, youth & rec, public safety, infrastructure, DPW, Senior Center [etc.]…. I want to thank the Town Manager for submitting a budget to the Board of Selectmen that is balanced and has a zero reduction in services.

  The residents of Saugus deserve to live in peace and have safe streets; therefore, I will continue to fully support all of our Public Safety Departments. I also want to thank all of our Public Safety Departments for their service and courage to keep the people of Saugus safe. I also fully support the funding of a 3rd fire station in West Saugus.

  A continued priority for the Town should be our commitment to fully invest in our School Department. By fully investing in our School Department, we continue to educate, which puts our children on a full path to success. Our children are the future of tomorrow.

  With high rising costs and inflation, we need to identify ways to increase revenue and not put any additional burden on the hard-working families of Saugus. As a Town Meeting Member, I’m responsible for voting on new and amended Town bylaws. Most of these bylaws have fee penalties attached when the bylaw is not in compliance. I believe that one of the town’s main priorities should be creating and hiring an Enforcement Officer. This position has the ability to collect additional revenue, set precedent and hold law breakers accountable.

  Just like our surrounding communities, another challenge facing Saugus is our infrastructure. Although, everything comes with a price, I think there is an opportunity to invest more in our infrastructure and ensure that our infrastructure is safe, secure, accessible, up to code and handicapped compliant.

  I want to thank everyone who attended or is watching this meeting tonight. If you have any questions or concerns involving Precinct 3 please reach out. Stay Safe and Be Well,


  Rick A. Smith

  Town Meeting Member

  Precinct 3

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