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CITY COUNCIL ROUNDUP: It’s expected to approve Redistricting Committee’s proposed map

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Community Preservation Committee seeks ordinance changes which would allow members to serve potentially 9 years

  The Malden City Council was expected to approve the new Redistricting Map of the city, which would include a first-ever three precincts per ward, as advised by city officials. The new map was debated and adjusted by an ad hoc Redistricting Committee made up of City Council members. A number of Malden voters will be voting in different precincts and wards in the next election, which will feature state legislative and some federal seats in the fall of 2022.

  In addition to the establishment of three precincts, the City Council’s Redistricting Committee proposed that Sub-precincts be established in three wards: Ward 3, Ward 5 and Ward 7. In the selected wards, there would be Precinct 3A and 3B, Precinct 5A and 5B and Precinct 7A and 7B. The Precinct split proposal is in deference to maintaining similar representation in the Massachusetts House as is now existing for voters by Malden three state Reps.: Steve Ultrino (D-Malden, 33rd Middlesex); Paul Donato (D-Malden, Medford, 35th Middlesex) and Kate Lipper-Garabedian (D-Melrose, Malden, 32nd Middlesex).

  The Redistricting Committee was presenting its report to the full City Council at Tuesday night’s regular meeting, and it was expected the City Council would vote approval for the new map. (The expected vote took place after The Advocate’s press deadline.)


Community Preservation Committee members seek ordinance changes which would allow terms of potentially nine years

  The City Council’s Ordinance Committee last night began a review of extensive changes proposed by the chairperson and members of the Community Preservation Committee which would change term limits and length of terms, potentially allowing members to serve up to nine consecutive years.

  At present, the members serve terms of two years and a maximum of two consecutive terms. The proposed ordinance change, which was put forth to the City Council from Community Preservation Committee members, would extend term years from two years to three years. Another ordinance change proposal would allow members, including the chairperson, to serve three consecutive terms of three years, for a total of nine years.

  Local political observers say this is the first time in recent memory that an appointed committee that has decision-making power over the allocation of municipal funds has sought an ordinance change from the Malden City Council which would extend its own term limits.


City Council voting on new Fire Department salary schedule

  The Malden City Council last night was expected to approve a new Fire Department salary schedule, which is a result of recently completed union negotiations. Under the new contract, a new Malden firefighter’s starting annual salary would be $63,192, and a first-year officer’s base salary would be as follows: Lieutenant ($73,934), Captain ($81,665), Deputy Chief ($91,873) and Assistant Chief ($93,796). The salaries would increase 2% in the 2023 year of the contract.

  The contract agreed upon was for four years, covering 2020-2023, with those covered due to receive retroactive pay for past periods covered under the new contract.

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